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“Mean Orkas Oun Neng Tes Kom Pleang Bong”, bong do you feel when you heard this title? When you feel really painful with your love, What else do you want to do? It is not easy to handle with painful. Sometimes you have to release it with many different ways. As in this song title, […]

Tep Bopreak and Sovannareach Album- Sentimental Songs

Tep Bopreak is a new singer in Hangmeas production. She has a good voice and especially singmm with Mr. Sovannareach in this album. This is a really sentimental song album. Do not miss to watch it!

[RHM vol 446] Mneak yom mneak ho teok pnek by Reach and BoPrek

New album with new singer from Hangmeas Production. This song is a very good song for all ages.