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Ingredients: – Gourd Leaf – Oyster Sauce, Fish Sauce – Chili, Small Clove Garlic – Sugar How to Cook: Step 1: Pick gourd leaf in a mixing bowl ( about 2 inches long), rise thoroughly until cleaned and set aside Step 2: Pound chili and small garlic Step 3: Heat the pan and add vegetable […]

Peakmy Comedy 2014

By: Khmer | Date: February 17, 2014 | Categories: Khmer Comedy

T-ARA performance at Koh Pich on Valentine’s day after long await was finally happen. Today, there were many young people who are fan of KPOP went to the concert that organized by CTN and MYTV. Everyone can see live show on stage at the diamond island while majority were watching from home. These are some […]

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